Baby Christening Invitation Cards: design and price range

baby cardA baby’s christening is truly a monumental event that will always be remembered by those who share in the celebration. One of the most enjoyable tasks in planning the christening is choosing the invitations. Baby christening invitation cards are available in many designs and styles, ranging from the traditional and formal to the relaxed and whimsical. If you are trying to find the perfect invitations for your baby’s christening, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:
Price Range
There are a variety of baby christening invitation cards in every price bracket, ranging from completely free to a bit costly. Whether your budget is small or large, it is simple to find a beautiful set of christening announcements. Some families choose to print their own invitations, available at low or no cost from websites such as These christening cards, complete with design and verse, can be personalized online and printed in color. They are a great alternative for people who don’t wish to purchase invitations. For those who prefer a more upscale invite, customized christening announcements are plentiful at specialty card shops and websites. These cards normally range between $1.00-$2.00 individually, and they are printed on higher-quality paper than the less expensive alternatives. If the celebration includes a relatively small group of people, then the customized invitations are likely to be affordable.

Baby christening invitation cards can feature many beautiful designs and illustrations, and they are often admired by their recipients. The more traditional cards have a religious theme and are decorated with drawings of crosses, doves, candles, or angels. There are also classic invitations that are illustrated with images of baby shoes, christening gowns, and baby faces. These, being more formal, usually are drawn with light pastel colors and plain black ink. If you are interested in sending a modern-style invitation that is lighthearted and colorful, then there are also plenty of options to choose from. Many parents enjoy ordering christening cards with their baby’s photograph printed on the front. The website has an array of selections that can be customized with your baby’s picture, and they also have lovely background colors such as chocolate brown with pink and chocolate brown with blue. For parents who prefer a cute, informal, and fun type of invitation, popular designs include bears, trains, and balloons, all drawn in bold and bright colors.

Wording and Text Style

One thing that all baby christening invitation cards have in common is the basic wording: baby’s name, time, date, and place of the ceremony, and information about a following reception. Traditional-style invites also include a Bible verse or poem, while informal cards can feature whimsical sayings or rhymes. Whether you are using your own printer or having the invitations done professionally, there are many options available for the style and font of the text – some parents choose a classically pretty script while others like to announce the celebration in bold block letters.

Whichever style you prefer, the invitation to your baby’s christening is a timeless reminder of a special day.

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