Christening Invitation Card Printable: quality baby announcements

1When you have a new baby in the house, you want to keep things simple and easy. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to let the world know about your new blessing. Baby announcements are a great way to get the news out, share a photo of the new baby, and create a keepsake. Many people have ceremonial events associated with the new baby such as a Christening, Baptism, Bris, or Naming Ceremony. The announcement or invitation for these events is also a great opportunity for a scrapbook-worthy card.

The same software, kits, and elements that are used to make digital scrapbooking layouts can also be a great way to make gorgeous keepsake quality baby announcements, Baptism announcements, and Christening announcements. You can also purchase christening invitation card printable cardstock to make a stunning announcement. There are so many options to make it easy for the new parents to create something really special without too much work.

Some popular design elements for religious baby announcements are doves, angels, lighthouses, and lambs. Religious symbols are also appropriate, such as the cross, a church. For Bris the Jewish star or hamsa symbol can be used. Secular naming ceremony invitations could use imagery such as themes from nursery rhymes, sun moon and stars, teddy bears, or baby animals.

There are a number of different graphics software packages that can be used for scrapbooking. One of the most popular is Photoshop Elements from Adobe. Many different kits and elements are available to add that special touch to your baby keepsakes. Or you can use the basic features of the software to make a simple graphic style design. To make your announcement or Christening invitation card printable, make sure you set your file resolution at 300 dpi, which is best for printing. The software will default to a web graphics resolution of 72 dpi so remember to change it for your new file.

One option for easy printing is to make your card be 4×6 in size. Then it is very easy to either print at home with your photo printer or have the invitations, cards, or announcements printed at a regular photo printer at a reasonable price.

Whether you go with a full service card printing company for custom cards, do it all yourself with a graphics program, or fall somewhere in between with a purchased Christening invitation card printable cardstock package, remember that this is once in a lifetime opportunity. In the middle of all the fuss and work involved in bringing home a new baby it is all too easy to let the opportunity slip by.

A wonderful bible verse from Genesis that would be perfect to use on a baby religious baby announcement is “I will bless you and your descendants will be as numerous as the stars of the sky and the sand upon the sea shore.”

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